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Soham Ket


Soham is a dynamic and creative individual with a passion for bringing people together through memorable events. With over a decade of experience in the event management industry, Soham has successfully orchestrated a diverse range of events, from corporate conferences to extravagant weddings.

Professional Background:

Soham began his career in event planning after completing a degree in Hospitality Management. He quickly rose through the ranks, gaining hands-on experience in coordinating logistics, managing vendors, and ensuring seamless execution. His ability to handle high-pressure situations with grace and efficiency has become a hallmark of her professional approach.

Key Skills:

Strategic Planning: Soham excels in developing strategic event plans tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of clients. His attention to detail ensures that every aspect of an event is meticulously organized.


Creativity: Known for his imaginative and innovative ideas, Soham consistently brings fresh and creative concepts to the table. His ability to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences sets his events apart.


Client Relations: Building strong relationships with clients is a priority for Soham. He actively listens to their vision, communicates effectively, and provides solutions that exceed expectations, fostering long-term partnerships.


Team Leadership: As a promoter, Soham leads a dedicated team of event professionals. His leadership style promotes collaboration and inspires his team to deliver exceptional results, even under tight deadlines.


Problem Solving: Events can present unexpected challenges, but Soham’s quick thinking and problem-solving skills ensure that any issues are addressed swiftly and effectively, maintaining the seamless flow of events.


Soham’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through various accolades and successful events. His portfolio includes large-scale corporate galas, product launches, and exclusive private parties. His events consistently receive positive feedback for their creativity, organization, and attention to detail.


Soham envisions his event management company as a catalyst for unforgettable experiences. He continues to push the boundaries of event design, staying ahead of industry trends to provide clients with cutting-edge and immersive event experiences.

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